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Watching the nightly news with my beloved Mr Woog is a ritual in our house.  I sometimes get outraged and will tweet something on my iPad, which in turn will PING….PING, PING….PING with responses, which in turn can sometimes make Mr Woog weep.

“Turn off that bloody thing!”

Mr Woog, why are you so unkind? So I put it on silent, but the vibration mode will be on.


I have no idea why I feel the need to share with the world the thoughts running though my head all the time, but I just do and I will make no excuses for it. But come Saturday 28th of April, things are going to change around here.

Yes, my friend. I am switching off for 24 hours.

I am pretty sure the world will survive without my constant commentary and drivel, but will I survive not attached to a communications device? And when I mean switch off, I mean no blogging, tweeting, calling or texting. Hell, I am even going to throw the remotes away for the weekend. We will talk and bond as a family and we will love it.


You are probably reading this thinking, “Yeah Right! What happens if that is the day that something major occurs in current events.  What if that is the day that Liz and Shane elope to Budgewoi .How will you refrain from getting online and spreading your frequently unwanted opinion on such a big, important event?”

My answer is simple. I will not comment about it because I will not know about it.

I am, however, going to allow myself to read books, magazines, recipes, billboard advertising and content labels. It is going to give me the time to stop, clock out and chill out. Running a blog can be all consuming and although my regular readers (hi Mum and Peter the Fattist!) might miss me for 12 seconds, chances are they will stumble upon a pop up screen informing them that they have won an iPad and forget all about me.

(For the last time Mum, it is a scam ok. Please do not put your credit card details in the computer.)

It is a strange though, switching off like this. Because there are some things that make me switch off automatically. Mainly the following remarks.

“Mum, have you seen my shoes?”

“Mum, I have news this morning and I do not know what to talk about?”

“Can you please stop spending money that we just do not have?”

“Can you please remember to fill up the car after you drop the kids to school?”

So come the 28th of April, if you see me online anywhere you have my full permission to publicly reprimand me.

Care to join me on a technology break? Come on! We will do it together. I promise it will not hurt a bit. Come back and see my lonely, abandoned blog on Saturday 28th April for your chance to win a holiday to the perfect Switch off Destination.

Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s natural wonders with over one third of the island dedicated to National Parks. It provides a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven for world weary travellers so you can get back to nature and away from the rat race. Crystal clear turquoise water and pristine, picturesque beaches are everywhere! And even though Kangaroo Island is only a few minutes from the mainland, it is a million miles away from the hustle and bustle. It’s where you can disconnect from the world and reconnect with the things and people that really matter, including yourself.

Not me… wish it was. I am hating school holidays already!

Answer this question and go into the running to win a Kicking Kikki-K Stationary Pack.

What would be the thing you would miss most about being unplugged?

The winner will be announced here on Friday 20th April.