Assistance required.

You might not know this, but I wrote an eBook which is being released in serial form at The Hoopla. It is an A-Z of Style and Beauty, which I am WAY NOT QUALIFIED to pen.

Now when the idea was first born, I had every intention to publish and sell the ebook on this site, but the idea was floated past the editor at The Hoopla who was very keen to host it. Like most things,  I go at it like a bull at a gate, only to lose motivation fairly quickly and wander off onto another project, leaving the last dangling, hanging in the breeze that is life’s clothesline.  

I MAY have given the editor the impression that the book was finished, so now each week I get a peppy note asking for the next instalment which is already written and should be as simple as attaching a file and sending it back.


Far from it!

My latest chapter is published today. CLICK HERE TO READ IT. But then come back because I need your help.

Ok, so I am up to K and L. As in: 
K IS FOR…………………. 
L IS FOR…………………..

And I cannot for the life of me think of ANYTHING!

Please. please, please help me out. I will come and fold your washing. I will cook you a tuna pasta bake. I will sit next to you on the couch as we watch The Voice and rub your feet. I will unpack your dishwasher and I will match up all your socks and put them away.

I need your brain.  I do not ask for much, but I am asking now.

(and while you are at it, if you could make any suggestions for M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z then that would be tops.)