Bloggers v. Writers v. Journalists

I have been following with interest the recent debates about bloggers v. writers v. journalists.

I know that they are not the same, but is one really better than the other? Aren’t they just different?

and later…….
Why do you read blogs? (you are here aren’t you!)
Why do some journos and writers hate bloggers?
I am fairly sure bloggers will not replace journos.
But I know a lot of journo’s are now bloggers.
Are bloggers just narcissists, like my sister once told me?
Am I talking crap? AGAIN?

Would adore your thoughts on this.
  • Meggsie

    They are just afraid and trying to protect their ‘patch’ – best form of defence is attack. I don’t think many bloggers claim to be qualified journalists and don’t understand why it has to be one or the other. Variety is the spice of life. And I’ll read your blog over the back page of the SMH any day. Xx

  • After reading the article recently in a Sunday newspaper mag written by a journo on bloggers,give me a blog to read anyday…journos think they know what we want to read but they obviously don’t!

  • The difference between journalists and bloggers is journos get paid to use their talent to bore people senseless, I mean inform people with fact and objectivity unless they get to be a columnist. Bloggers can do either but the best are usually the most creative and entertaining. Problem is they don’t get paid! Go figure.
    Nicole x

  • I am a journalist who also blogs (not that well) & I do see myself as a journalist first. I feel more confident in news writing & dealing with facts & following my news sense. I far less sure of my “voice” as a blogger. I actually started blogging as a way to talk about some infertility issues on a now defunct blog & I liked the freedom of expression. But I also really love writing news & worked hard at uni and in subsequent journo roles to hone my craft.

  • I’m a writer first and foremost. I have an English degree and postgraduate quals in creative writing. Never been that keen on journalism but have worked on plenty of mags and written lots of articles (although couldn’t cope with coming up with crappy puns for headlines some of the time, depending on the focus of the publication; it can be soul-destroying). I also blog. I read a craploads of blogs too. And some bloggers do shit me on occasion. The reason? They are sloppy. There are so many typos and missing words, bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Now I can forgive the odd mistake, it’s part of blogging. But I must admit seeing multiple glaring errors in sponsored posts pisses me off. Someone’s paying for the blogger to subject the world to second-rate writing. Other than that, to be honest I’d much rather read a blog over a newspaper any day.

  • I read newspapers, follow journos on Twitter, and read heaps of blogs. I also blog but am not great at being consistent with posting!
    There are some fantastic blogs out there – mostly I have to say, the “big” ones because they are well written, well designed and the writer is using their own voice with confidence.
    I think some things going on in blogs now with sponsored posts and giveaways need a bit of care, and practices will probably get more codified/”professional” with time. I generally don’t like reading sponsored posts but they are more and more common.
    I have to admit to being perplexed sometimes at the popularity of SOME smaller blogs that seem badly written or a bit boring to me. But then that’s the absolute beauty and power of blogging – there’s room for everyone.
    And I do like plenty of small blogs I read 🙂

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