Mother’s Day Dedication.

“Look Mum…. No hands!” Me according to Jack.

I am spending today with one of my best mates. It is her first Mother’s Day as a single mum and she is doing the most amazing job. I am in constant awe of her.

So today’s post is dedicated to those fabulous women who are doing it alone.

You deserve a whole freaking parade.

  • Anonymous

    This is my first mothers day. I am blessed to have an amazing partner to help me out. To those who do it solo,y hats off. You are all truly amazing and deserve only good things.

  • Fifimcl

    My first Mothers Day officially divorced. Today was wonderful, it’s a tough gig day in day out but I’m surrounding by love and well rid of my sad & anxious past…

  • This is my 10th Mother’s Day as a single mum. Thanks Mrs Woog. Single mum-hood is a tough gig. Every day.

    I haven’t seen my kids today, yet. But that’s ok by me. All I ask is that I arrive home to a tidy house, that’s all I need. Oh, it would be nice if someone else cooked dinner, but my expectations are not quite that high!