So. You suspect you married a moron.

That title looks a little harsh. 

Maybe I should have called it Why Does Your Husband Fuck Up So Much?

Doesn’t matter. It’s done now.

Mr Woog woke up with the sun this morning and drove 20 minutes to the nearest beach for a bit of a surf. He calls it his “Hillsong” time. He paid for the parking and went to get into his wetsuit which was conveniently hanging up.

In the garage.

He turned around and drove back home, arriving WITHOUT A COFFEE FOR ME, which is the only reason I allow him his mid-week Hillsong time.

So he then goes to work and shortly thereafter I receive a text message from him, informing me that he is still in possession of the car keys. And that we should go out for dinner tonight.

I shut my eyes and tried to go to my happy place, failing miserably.

In other news, my big boy returned from a week in Vanuatu where he spent a week spending my inheritance with my Mum. So many wrong things with that sentence.

I missed him a lot.

But was delighted to see he got the full cultural experience.

I was sitting at the table with Mum last night, telling her how exhausted I was after such a big day. I told her about the launch of The Remarkables Agency and what it meant for me. The amazing adventures and opportunities that are opening up.

She looked at me blankly. And told me to put my shoulders back.

She also asked me to send a shout out to Carol, David and Ian from the plane. So…. greetings to all three of you. Mum then made me look at all her photos from her iPhone which were truly appalling as she had her phone set to film, so instead of just taking a picture, she had taken dozens of 3 second scenes. 

But anyway, tonight I fancy some really good Thai food.

Do you ever think you married an idiot?