Ten Twitter folk you should follow.

Mr Woog will never understand Twitter. He has said as such. If you ever try to explain to a non twitterer what it is and seen them turn their face to one of complete “What the fuck are you talking about?” do not be alarmed.

This is completely normal. Just shrug your shoulders and change the subject.

Mr Woog does not understand twitter, but he sure knows how to get me to use it on his behalf.

“Can you tweet out and see whether I can make a risotto with basmati rice?”

“Can you tweet out and see what time the MOTO GP starts?”

And he was FLOORED when our LG TV killed off it’s audio the other night and I tweeted for some help. Suggestions came in super quick and we were able to get the sound back in time. For him to watch the MOTO GP. He was also amazed that the company got in touch within 4 minutes to see whether they could send someone out to take a look.


Get into it if you are not already. Super easy to set up an account. I am setting up a new one next week for my Mum,  who is running in the local council elections (for the 5th term) and it is my goal to get her trending WORLDWIDE!!!! Even though she tells me she is already trendy.

Here are a few of my favourite folk that I follow to help you get on your way.

For razor wit and a bit of argy bargy. Follow her HERE

A fantastic suburban voice. Follow her HERE

Not safe for work. Follow her HERE

Always fun and sometimes having it out with someone. Follow her HERE

Because just because. Follow here HERE

Bring a change of underwear. Follow him HERE

Because she might just be the nicest person in the world. Follow her HERE

American Super Social Media Geek who you will learn from. Follow here HERE

Because despite me stalking her, she still has the good sense not to follow me back. Follow here HERE


9 fun twitterers and one attention whorey idiot to invest your twitter time in. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Do you follow someone special on twitter?
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