Things They Didn’t tell you…..

Recently I was asked to contribute to a new book, a book about parenting. A book about REAL parenting. 

Most specifically, what they did not tell you.

The eBook is now available to purchase here.

Things they didn’t tell you about Parenting will cost you the tiny  sum of $4.99 and for that you will get the stories from 32 women who are not afraid to tell you the truth. All proceeds, EVERY SINGLE CENT, will go towards Foundation 18, a not for profit organisation that runs an orphanage in Indonesia.

Foundation 18 was founded by Australian Mum of 10 Cate Bolt, who even though she pretty much had her hands full,  wanted to do more and make a difference with the time she has on this planet.

Chicks like Cate Bolt need to be bottled.

Now, something recently occurred in my house. Something that no one told me might happen. It was a little bit cute mixed in with a little bit creepy.

I was cleaning out Harry’s room. (notice I say cleaning out, not cleaning up). I opened the bedside table to find a collection of my old perfume bottles. (I wear Issy Miyake if you are ever looking at sending me a gift…) There were three empty bottles of Issy Miyake staring back at me.

Later I asked Harry why he keeps my empty perfume bottles. He looked me in the eye and told me that he likes to smell them at night because it reminds him of me.


I hope this cute little obsession ends before he reaches adulthood, lest I end up as a corpse sitting up in his living room having very one sided conversations with him.

So with that nice thought in mind, I shall leave you. I wish you a wonderful weekend, curled up on a couch somewhere with a cuppa reading The Thing’s They Didn’t Tell You About Parenting, which you can BUY HERE!

And let me know if you do and
I will send you an empty bottle of Issy Miyake.