Woogsworld in the Press

Yesterday my friend and fellow blogger Glowless alerted me to the fact that my blog was featured in an online article for The Australian Woman’s Weekly.

I always wondered why they called it Women’s Weekly when it is published monthly, but on reflection The Women’s Monthly might find it hard to sell ad space, unless it was for tampons and Nurofen….

But I digress.

The article was really nice and talked about some of the best “undiscovered” and amateur blogs in the country, which shot down my confidence as a professional blogger, acne cultivator, guinea pig breeder and Fashion Week Guru.

But the thing that concerned me the most was the title of the section the article was published under.

A smoothly run household is the key to a happy family? What the fuck does that even mean?

So I am going to write to The Woman’s Weekly today, thanking them for the lovely mention and suggesting that they re-think their tagline. As it is totally naff (and a little bit patronising)

I am thinking something like….

The area for Mums who know that vodka and a pizza menu is the key to a happy family.


The area for Mums who know that if their milk is still in date and there is weetbix somewhere, is the key to a happy family.

I ask you, Do you think a smoothly run household is the key to a happy family?

Or is it something else…..

  • I don’t even know what a smooth household would mean – but more importantly why are they insinuating it falls to the woman to attain it! (the pic is a bit naff)

  • I stopped reading the Weekly when it went from weekly to monthly in the mid-80s. The end.

  • Wow, I tend to think if the mum is happy then that’s the key to a happy family, smoothly run household. I know if I feel like shit nothing is getting done lol

  • Hell no! We seem to function better as a family when I let go of my control freak tendencies & let everything go a little free range. Happiness is so much more than how you run your household.

  • If my household is running smoothly it means a problem is unfolding while the washing is getting folded. It means I am silently losing my mind and getting ready to crack. I believe some control is great but we need to let go somewhat to enjoy what ‘makes up’ the household.

  • What crap. They obviously haven’t updated that since 1952. Oh wait, there was no internet then. Guess they have a 1950s housewife as their copywriter. Worrying.