She’s a Bop Middle Aged Woman.

Last week I had a makeover care of my BlogHer12 sponsors Garnier. I have learnt so much about my epidermis is is not even funny. Like I over-process it in a big way. But more on that next week.

Anyway, as a thank you,  I have put together a little slideshow that Lara Bingle has since gone and totally ripped off I notice. 

I am in various states of makeup though out, some bare faced even. Brave soul that I am… and you if you choose to click play.

Anyway, it was my first one I have done on the new Mac and it is VERY VERY CLUNKY THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Because iMovie frightens me.

So I bring you, She’s a Bop Middle Aged Woman.

Thank you Garnier and Maybelline. I was not born with it, but I am getting there with your help.