You remember my Dad right? 

My Dad once wrote this post for me HERE and mentioned a Nivea product that he is devoted to, and the next day a massive hamper of Nivea products arrived for him. Ever since then, he has embraced the power of social media, providing me with articles to read and books to study. No longer is writing on the internet just for trolls and perverts it seems…..

Anyway, Dad arrived yesterday to do some work around my house. More specifically, to rid the courtyard of the slime that has accumulated due to the seemingly never-ending rain.

Slippery courtyard and Doug. “Hi Doug!”

This will be the scene of my sister-in-law’s baby shower on Sunday. A shower that will be pretty poorly attended since my sister Mrs Ryan put the wrong address on the invite. When I pointed out to all the guests NOT to go to my neighbours house via email, Mrs Ryan retorted to the entire guest list that “She was not a details person……”

Anyway, Dad had it in his head that he was going to come and “gerni”the area. Now you are probably the same as me,  thinking “GERNI” is an adjective. But in fact, it turns out that “GERNI” is the brand of machine that shoots out very high pressured water that cleans the pavers.

Fascinating stuff……

For those who have chosen to keep reading on and have not fallen asleep, you are in for a treat! The big reveal of the courtyard! But not before Dad exercised his marketing brain again.

Dad is convinced that if I include this shot then Gerni will give me a Gerni and run a Gerni Giveaway.

He also suggested that it would look better if I included a picture of said Gerni. So here is the Gerni. GERNI!

But I did not want to let him know that I did not want a Gerni because I had him, and he had a Gerni and that the word Gerni was starting to make me cry a little bit

My Dad. Future Digital Marketing Manager of Gerni Industries. Currently working at Arrowfield? Whatever that is….. I think it is wine? BRING THAT ON DAD. Also Campos Coffee rep.

My Dad stood out there in the pouring rain FOR TWO HOURS PEOPLE, Gerni-ing the courtyard as I watched on safely from the warm kitchen.


And now, I give you the magic that is the gerni.


Remembering what it looked like people…. slimy son of a bitch….

So thank you Dad for your toils yesterday You are tops. Thank you for assisting me in preventing all future slip and fall incidents. xxx

If you could describe your Dad in a few words, what would they be?