If anyone ever tells you that guinea pigs are the easiest pets to keep, you have my permission to poke them in the eye.

To make sense of this post, you will have to read this first. Go on, I will wait………………

Ok, so I am going to assume that you are up to speed with everything. Now for a simple algorithm.
Yo Bruce….
Rancid, stinky corner
Mr Woog was starting to make noises about giving Fooey Fooey Moi Moi and XO up for adoption, and had even been in discussions with The Macdonald Family as to whether the boys might be better off on the lush, expansive lawns that makes up their garden. But I felt like a bad and neglectful guinea pig parent.

Anyway, I could not think of what to do until I was in a pet store yesterday with the kids, when I spotted a solution to our pig problem.

Enter the Taj Mahal of Pig Real Estate!

Pig equivalent of a Kiribilli Penthouse Apartment.
I am going to now spend the afternoon decorating the boys new house. Layers of paper and a bed of fresh straw, with art deco accents to highlight the structure’s curves. And a pendant light. not dissimilar to this……..

The Taj came today, delivered by Rod from the Pet Store. Rod had put it together and delivered it to me from an hour away. I tried to give him extra money for his troubles but he was not having a bar of it! I then asked him if he would like to meet the pigs and he was very, very impressed with Fooey Fooey Moi Moi’s size, declaring him to be at least 30% larger than any guinea pig he had seen!  I just wanted to give him a quick shout out, because you just do not get customer service like that these days.

This post is dedicated to my fellow blogger and mate Kerri Sackville’s bunny rabbit Spunky, whose remains were recovered today after he disappeared many months ago from the backyard.
RIP little one.

  • Anonymous

    Of course you’ll get fantastic customer service from PP. They own the largest puppy mills in Australia, & make 100% profit on the poor things sold from there.
    I wouldn’t say this out loud & risk getting sued by them AGAIN, but they deserve no shout outs IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Sad. But the pigs are magnificent

  • I feel your pain. We have 4 (!!) Hutches – 2 indoor and 2 outdoor. We planned for our two male pigs to live together but they were having none of it and started biting one another. I am cultivating a few large pot plants of long grass which i can hack off at will for them to eat on those days when it is really cold outside or the cats are roaming. Maybe a few pot trays with grass would be better as you can just put whole tray in hutch and let them go for it. They eat me out of house and home and i started growing vegies just for them! Good luck!

  • Our guinea pig- Princess Charlotte- god rest her soul, was the crankiest pet known to mankind. I think this had something to do with being rescued from the jaws of a python in her youth. Even our Jack Russell was scared of her. Basically she spent 7 years eating, pooping and biting anything that came near her. And our lawn is still recovering 2 years later