The Magical Fancy House!

When a blog reader contacts you and asks whether you and your family would like to have a holiday at their new beach house because they like your blog….. you say yes, right….. RIGHT?

Stranger things have happened I suppose. Like the time I ran into a school mate in a bathroom in the middle of Turkey. That was a very weird day….

The house is located at Pearl Beach, about an hour and a half drives north of WoogsWorld. I had never been to Pearl Beach before but I tell you what, it was like dropping into a different era. Slow paced, one cafe, one restaurant and 100% totally delightful.

And then there were our digs. Not a bad place to schlep away the days……

Set back a block from the beach, it has everything you need for a family getaway. It sleeps 10 easily and is kitted out for kids really well. Two families could really holiday in style here!

We took the bikes up and spent our time exploring, fishing, eating and kicking back old school style playing board games. We just were together, with nowhere to be and no pressure to do anything.

And it was heavenly.

Fireside reading

Bike riding

Never-ending UNO playing. My family are a pack of sore losers.

We saw dolphins but by the time I had found my camera, they had buggered off…..

Jack was paranoid about getting his pants wet, so he fashioned himself up a pair of short, short bloomers. Even when he was 30 metres from the water.

Monopoly. One of my kids stole some money from the bank, so we sent him straight to jail.

The game went on FOR DAYS……. Patience was the only winner.

I fed this fella some fish and he repaid me for my kindness by trying to root my leg about a second after I took this photo. I can see the lust in his eyes here…….

Did a little fishing…..
Did a little exploring…. Patonga
Did a lot of walking….
But mainly laughed our asses off!

And then, when we had taken total leave of our senses and surrendered to the giddiness that this wonderful part of the world gave us, we inspected an old beach house which was for sale, and took a contract from the Real Estate Agent.

Harry told the agent “We’ll Take It Lady!”

A girl can dream right? And this girl can be very persuasive, so watch this space…….. because you need a goal…….. and I can be very stubborn……. even though I have $7 in my bank account right now……………………………….. fuck.

Thank you so much internet stranger who let us into their lovely Beach House! Seriously, it was just what this family needed.

BEST NEWS! Internet Stranger (aka my new favourite person in the world) has offered a 50% discount to readers of this blog if you wish to stay at the magical fancy house before then end of August. She is calling it the Winter Woogie Special.

She has also added a Spring Woogie Special which is 25% discount for all midweek stays in September, October and November.

Disclosure – no monies were exchanged for this post but we were guests who were not charged for this holiday. 
The ultimate freeloaders……….. SCHWING!
Do you have a special place you like to escape to?