Meet Hermione Woog.

Please welcome the newest member of the Woog household. Her name is Hermione Harriet Woog. She is not backward in coming forward and certainly let’s me know she is there!

It is comforting really, that in a house made up entirely of males, including all animals, that I have a little friend to join me as I go about my day.

Hermione literally arrived out of the blue and under my constant care and attention, is now thriving. Her likes include hot chips and extreme mood swings. She dislikes tea tree oil. She LOVES it when you play with her!

I am pleased that Hermione will get to accompany me today when I go and run my errands. She never tired of all the stares she gets, because she is a complete fucking attention whore. And try as I might, she shines through any attempt to cover her up with spak-filler.

The cheeky minx! That Hermoine……

So with that thought, I shall leave you with a quote from another Hermoine, that being Hermoine Granger. Another feisty wench who, like my chin buddy declares if indeed she could talk…..