Most Improved.

Because no one asked, I thought I would share a little highlight that happened here in Woogsworld. We celebrate mediocrity a lot around here, so when a family member achieved something remarkable, we tend to get a wee bit excited!

Mr Woog arrived home last night after a day practicing burn outs, spins and wheelies on his motorbike. Did you know that there were courses you can do to hone in on such skills?

Neither did I.

He was VERY pleased with himself as he had managed to be awarded MOST IMPROVED of the day!* He was given a natty certificate and a bottle of organic bike shampoo for his efforts.

It reminded me of the time that I won Best Easter Hat in Year 2 when I entered in the I MADE IT MYSELF WITH AN OLD ICE-CREAM CONTAINER AND A BIT OF FOIL category. Despite being the only one in that category, I was not going to just go and just collect the ribbon from the teacher. I wanted to experience the full glory of the parade. So I strutted around the playground in front of the whole school so they could marvel at my skilled use of sticky tape.

Happy days.

So I know the feeling of satisfaction, the sense of accomplishment and pride that Mr Woog was experiencing. Bravo darling.

*the fact that there were only 5 doing the course and that the other four were ten year old boys should not take anything away from his achievement. Nothing. nothing at all……

Have you achieved anything remarkable lately?