Well THAT came around rather quick…..

So I cannot blog today as my older sister Mrs Ryan dumped me in it spectacularly by volunteering to host my Sister-In-Law’s Baby Shower at my house. TODAY. I can recall a quick discussion about it, and how I thought we could hold it at a pub somewhere and then I thought nothing of it, until the invite came.

The invite had my neighbours address on it.

I have only been to two baby showers before and I am in a complete panic with only 5 hours to go until I open my house up to strangers.

I have however put together a playlist for the gathering. Guests will arrive to the melody of “OHH BABY BABY, BABABY BABY – AHHH PUSH IT, PUSH IT REAL GOOD…..”

And I have not enough anything to serve the non existent food on. The kids are excited about “The Party” and Mr Woog has just disappeared somewhere. I have champers to buy, skid marked toilets to clean and a sister to abuse.

So I cannot blog today.

Any hints or tips would be GREATLY appreciated right about now.
Ditto cutsey cupcakes or ribbon sandwiches. Fuck….