White and one, thanks Jules. Part two.

Oh, hello! If you have just landed on this page, you will be so very confused unless you 

verrryyyyy nice digs

Had a second cup of coffee and the lady insisted I have a new cup, despite me telling her it would save on the washing up.

Yeah, I am not really sure why we are here either Eden, with a persistent Hermoine…. And some of my favourite media ladies…. including my new best friend forever. CALL ME CHRISSIE!

Wonderful Wendy Harmer, she of the sharpest wit in the world.
surprise, surprise. Macarons. Common as assholes. Plus nipple tarts!
in my belly

Giving Julia her new Uberkate Jewellery. One of her staff Tracey had an Uberkate Bangle on and was green with envy.

Love her or hate her, the woman has great skin. And is so freaking nice (and funny)

Took a chance with these little beauties……

Before I discovered they were sour cherry and I did not like it. Held the little cakie in my hand for a while looking for a pot plant to pop it into.

Pleasantly surprised by the modesty of the bathroom, although it did have a small Margaret Preston painting in there. Which was bolted to the wall. It was handbag sized.

BUT the toilet DID have a very lovely floral display.

The only thing I didn’t eat.

Morning tea with the Prime Minister was a completely lovely affair. There were a few blogging mates plus representatives from different media outlets like The Hoopla *curtsey’s* Kidspot, Mama Mia and Essential Baby. Women Online Warriors unite!

Julia was very, very nice. After meeting everyone, she mingled around supping of her tea and eating a coconut ball that the Editor of Kidspot Alex bought. Bring a plate and all? Missed the memo*

I remembered what my mum wanted me to ask and approached Julia.

“Excuse me,” I said “My mum wanted to let you know that you went to university with my uncle Donald. Donald (insert last name here…..)”

“Oh FAT LEGS!” She laughed.

Oh my god. Was Julia a fattist?

“Yes….. she said you had a nickname for him.” I said……. “Anyway I will pass on your regards to…. Fat Legs. It was really interesting that that was the first thing that Mum said, when I called her and told her that Julia Roberts had asked me over for morning tea!” 

“It is Gillard”


I left the conversation, not before she told me that she had been called worse.

*The only other awkward thing that happened is that Alex needed the special plate back at the end of our morning tea and Julia GILLARD had to go into her kitchen to fetch some Tupperware, as there were a few coconut balls left.