Ass up on the back of a bus.

This morning I walked past Mr Woog who was sitting at the kitchen table, having a coffee and reading a magazine. A motorbike magazine.

My eye was immediately drawn to the article he was reading, which featured two graphics. They were motorbikes and each machine had a young, well endowed, yellow bikini-ed lass draped over them.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked him “Are they still churning out that crap?”

I was hoping that in these modern times that this type of portrayal was still confined to the dusty, greasy walls of a mechanics office circa 1982. But no. Mags are still trying to sell sex with machinery. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

And then my mind went back to about two weeks ago when I was driving the kids to school. We pulled up at the lights and was smacked across the face with someones butt.

“What happened to that lady Mum?” came the voice from the back of the Mazda.

What I wanted to say was “Well a few men in suits won a print account for some pantyhose company and thought women would relate to an airbrushed set of pins belonging to some 16 year old who has not yet learnt to walk in heels or has remembered to put on her pants. They also thought to make her faceless but present her instead in an ass up position that might appeal to men, who ironically, will never have any need to purchase pantyhose.”

But instead I told them that the young girl had fallen over. Slipped on a banana peel, or something like that. I hate the fact that my kids have to see this tripe.

“But why is it on the back of that bus Mum?”

“Because advertising agencies need to hire more women.”

Do you think the advertising industry needs to start thinking differently? Seen any shockers lately?