Back from the Beach. Seeking some kid free time. PRONTO!

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the South Coast of NSW is one of my favourite places in the world. Where else (probably a million places….) can you meander down a road with the ocean on one side of you and just the most beautiful country side on the other.

My travel mate Ness said, that if I said “This is God’s Country…” one more time, she would stop at the next town and drop me off at a church.

It is taking just about all my resolve and strength not to move down there are open up a home wears store. Even though I would be totally crap at it and have taste up my wah-zoo.

Darling we had the most DARHVYNE time…….

Of course I took some pics! 

Co-Commander Ness

Fancy ass house

Full horn for this interior porn – Juniper Hearth

Ness and her new hat

This is where we stayed. Fitted all of us (3 Ladies – if you can call us that – and 6 kids.)

Loved the original houses as well
Add caption – couldn’t. Too pissy.
Boy. Beach. Ball.
Old faithfuls…
If Hunter S. Thompson and Eminem had a baby…..

A winters day at Gerroa’s 7 Mile Beach

And ultimately I pay for my fun with a mofo load of washing.

Next time, we are 100% going to a nudist colony for our school holidays. A nudist colony for the visually impaired.

What about you? Do anything good these holidays?
Come and ball socks with me and tell me all about it.

We stayed at Gerroa in a privately rented house.
I just rant on a lot about the South Coast because I really, really like it.