Bagels, tissues, Annabelle and Percy.

22 hours later and we arrived. The flight was uneventful apart from BabyMac having a little cry at the fact that the champagne served on board was French and plentiful. That is the funny thing about travelling with someone. You get to really know them. Like the fact that BabyMac sheds a tear when she is overcome with happiness. Like if she eats something really good or sees a painting she has loved for her whole life in the flesh. She shared with me a list of things that may bring her to grateful tears. I will be carrying tissues.

The ultimate soft pant

We arrived at JFK and were met by our driver Percy. Percy contacted me a while back. He has a regular New York client who reads this blog and asked him to contact me to offer up his services. He had a sign that said Miss Woog and so I liked him immediately because he made me feel young again. Percy looks like Cuba Gooding Jr and is a complete doll. If you ever come to NYC and need a ride, Percy is your man.

Hey Percy! Find him here.

The apartment we are in is situated near the United Nations Headquarters, which is handy in case I need to go in and sort some shit out for them. It is adorable.

Not crying
Might end up in my bag…..
Might also end up in my bag. Buy bigger bag.

The neighbourhood is a real neighbourhood. Not very touristy and very, very friendly. We made friends with the 3 very scary looking dudes at the local “Liquor Store” whose scariness quickly dissolved when they introduced me to the store cat Annabelle. They were all gaga for Annabelle and one of the lads even whipped out his phone to show me a slide show of cute snaps he had taken of Annabelle.


It is early here this morning and I have no idea what day it is. BabyMac has gone for a walk and I am sitting on that gorgeous couch typing this post and looking out the window at this.

And as the city wakes up, I am plotting out my first day in NYC which will involve a bit of a shoe shop I suspect. And a bagel. And some dispensing of tissues.

I am in New York City thanks to