Jabba the Hut.

I want you to meet the newest addition to the Woog Family, Jabba the Hut. Isn’t she a beauty! Looking at this picture now,  I cannot help but think she looks a bit like a shipping container…..

Jabba the Hut lives by the sea. But she has company. Along for the ride is Coco the Cabana, out in the backyard.

And how can we forget Elaine, the Illegally Built Sunroom! (as we bought the place furnished, keep your eyes peeled on eBay for a very cheap mustard yellow rug soon. Ditto some cushions)

Jabba, Coco and Elaine are a result of a ridiculous idea we concocted up over the last month. We talked ourselves into the fact that it made COMPLETE sense not to buy a house to live in, but to buy a house to visit. Complete sense.

And it confirms my suspicion that life does not always end up looking like it did in your head for all those years. You need to make the most of it.
Every single day.