My Favourite Outfit.

“Mrs Woog, I did not know that you were a fashion blogger?”

Fresh from my non-existent “Style File”, I beyond excited to share with you a few key pieces from my wardrobe that make up what has become my signature look.

You know the old rule? The one that ways that you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? TOTALLY TRUE. If you were to come a knocking on my door before 8am (on a school day – 10am on weekends) and after 7pm, 7 nights a week, you will find me kicking back in this tried and true look, which may be “worked back” with a bra, if indeed I am expecting you.

Now this essential item was sent to me by blogger Georgia who writes the most excellent blog called Parental Parody. This t-shirt was gifted to me after I send her a care package made up from random things from my house. Like some fluff from under the couch and the like. 

The t-shirt is now at that delicious stage where it has been washed a million times and stretched out like a mo-fo. Please note the stains around the neckline. That just adds to the urban edginess of the “piece”. I am fairly sure it was a one off garment, but there would be to harm in getting in touch with her to see whether she has any more in stock.

Now there was ONE issue with this item, and that was that Georgia had added her own twist, penning a message on the back of her promotional t-shirt. A message that means when I wear it, my kids point out to me that I am wearing a profanity. I tell them it was sent to me by a very naughty girl. But it is not always an issue because……..

It is mainly covered by THIS! THE LAYER

Right, so this stunning (I am to sure what it is… card, snuggie, poncho, whatever) layering piece was purchased 3 years ago when I found it featured in the fashion bible.

The EziBuy Catalogue.

I recall looking at it, belted over jeggings and a sassy hat, thinking “OF COURSE I NEED A PUCE, ACRYLIC, NASTY, CARDI!” and I whacked my credit card number into the computer and in 6-8 working days, I owned it.

The problem was I looked like I was wearing a body bag, so it became part of my capsule “not to leave the house” wardrobe. Ironically, this part of my wardrobe makes up my 20%.

The added bonus in this item is that is has sleeves that hit my elbows, making it easy for me to write, and a built in air conditioning feature, which is a 50cm slit in the side. Only last night Mr Woog asked whether I could perhaps think about updating this cardy thing. 


These are a fairly new addition to my ensemble and were gifted to me by my great friend The Divine Ms M, who always can manage to find a bit of glamour in a soft pant. These babies came into high rotation recently, after the timely disintegration of the Sussan Jammie Pants circa 2006.

Every-time I put them on, I amp up the wow factor.

And finally, there is no point in putting together such an outfit if you do not finish the look of with a great pair of shoes.

Understated elegance. Right there.

So there you have it. 4 key pieces that make up my favourite outfit that takes me from the bedroom to the bathroom to the backyard and beyond. A timeless classic that refuses to date, until it falls apart.

So all you stylers out there! I invite you to share your signature look. If you are blogger and want to write a post about it, please link it up in the comments section. And if you are a regular punter, use a lot of descriptive words so I can get a clear picture of your “look”. Maybe you just have one “investment” item?