New York City and a Giveaway!

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This time next week I will be in New York City! That is right. I am leaving my babies and Mr Woog to go to the biggest social media conference for women in the world, Blogher12. And I am not going all that way just to go to a conference! Not a chance.

I am going to get my New YAWK on in a big way. I will be blogging and blogging and sharing my adventure with you. 

I have been to New York before. We booked a trip 7 years ago and in between the time we booked and the time we got on the plane, I had managed to get myself up the duff with a little collection of cells that we now call Jack. My memories of that trip mainly consist of having my head down a toilet and puking. Happy times.

i am completely thrilled, now which way to the toilet.

So now is the time that I am going to have a do-over. Do it up right and all that. And I am so grateful that Garnier Australia have come on board to sponsor this trip. Take Care? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT.

So over the last few months I have been trialling and testing all things Garnier. 

Yes – that is me on a box there. HILARIOUS. That is why I am laughing in this picture….

And out of all the Garnier range, there are 3 products that I just cannot live without now. 4 if you include the deodorant, because I am not a filthy cow. Well, most of the time anyway….

Every. Single. Day.
Garnier BB Cream is the business – I know that it is much hyped about but if you have not tried it,  do yourself a favour. It comes in 2 shades and they have just bought an oil free version out. For more info CLICK HERE.

Now, this little miracle worker fades dark spots. It is 5% pure vitamin C, which is quite a lot apparently, and I use it each morning under my BB Cream. It is BRAND SPANKING NEW and not released until August of this year, but I have been using it for a month and I rate it. It works and that is all I care about! See you later sun spots, age spots and you bastard acne scars. Click here for more info…. or….. CLICK HERE TO WIN A FULL SIZE SAMPLE RIGHT NOW!

I must have been living under a rock not to have known about this before. This is your cleanser, exfoliator and mask all in one. Turns out I have been over-processing my skin! I keep this in the shower and my face has MUCH less “excess sebum” now. Yummy…. This stuff works and has replaced a handful of other products. For more information, please click here.

So, that is my Top 3 picks from the range. And you have a chance to win a massive hamper tailored to your own specific needs.

To win a hamper of gorgeous Garnier products to the value of $200, please leave a comment about New York. If you have been, what is something you recommend doing? If you have not been, what would be on your MUST-DO list? Tips and tricks and all things apply. I need the info ladies!

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 1st August, live from NYC. 
Open to Australian Residents only.

And many thanks again to Garnier Australia.