On the loose……………

What do you get when you throw 3 mums and six kids together in a beach house with a case of wine and no internet connection?

Phrase borrowed from the original Mum on the Loose Baby Mac without permission.

A few weeks back a genius friend bravely invited me and the lads and another mate and her tribe down south for a few days away. 

I did not even get to finish my sentence; “Darling Mr Woog, me and the kids have been invited to spend a week down at……” when he replied gleefully “YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER…..”  before proceeding to program in 4 days of GP Moto into the Fox Box. And pull out all of the Indian Delivery Menus. And put his hand straight down the front of his track suit pants and let out a gentle bottom emission while opening a bottle of mineral water. (Dry July Winning!)

So tomorrow we are off on a road trip, which will go either one of two ways. I will be tortured by hours of this…….


this video came to an abrupt halt because I realised that he did not have his seatbelt on properly. EEEK!

or rewarded with hours of this……..

please please please please…..

please please…. seriously, I will even turn religious…..

Either way, I will be away. And I don’t know when or if I shall return………… *Dramatically flounces out of the room…*

But probably Thursday. Friday at the latest.