Pensive Beverly’s Excellent Adventure

Each day Beverly (the artist formally known as BabyMac) gets up early and scurries around the apartment, tidying things and generally being lovely. This morning I woke up and peered out to see her looking pensive as she took in the sites of a city waking up. Then looked over to see me waking up with extreme bed hair and a boob hanging out of my nightie.


Pensive Beverly was born.

We have a loose plan everyday of things we need to tick off our list, and today we were covering Zabars, Central Park and the Met. All located within walking distance and all there to feed our faces and then our souls.

We met fellow blogger Carly Findlay out the front of Zabars. Have you ever been? Holy sweet matzo balls, it is a foodie heaven. I went with Mr Woog years back but I could not fully appreciate it as I was suffering from First Trimester Pregnantitis and had the voms ALL THE FUCKING TIME……..

Part of the cheese wall. PART of it. 

It is a Jewish Deli and here is an example of a sideways selection of Matzoh Balls. Kerri Sackville I am thinking of you here, because you are quite ballsy….

Cures all that ails you, apart from chafe from walking around too much in the humidity. It is not good for that. Too much salt.
I do not know what you are, but I like the cut of your jib…. Strawberry and Cheese should never be seen, unless there is a great bloody wedge of pastry in between.

Wept with appreciation

We foraged for some food and walked over to Central Park to consume said food. On the way we saw some real local scenes. My favourite was a mid twenties man seated on the ground with a circle of nannies and their charges. The kids were still infants, sitting up and not yet crawling. There was a rainbow parachute on the grass and all the babies were propped up on it while their nannies shook the parachutes and the man sang a song with his guitar about bumblebees.

I bet that man makes more coin than a Wall Street Banker these days.

“If you do not get on the wait list for Stephano’s Bumble Bee Intensive Parachute Workshops for Babies before you get preggers, then your child will never grow up to be completely fulfilled…”

Most of the babies were crying.  I was doing the opposite.

Carly smacks back a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel
After our picnic, we kept heading east until we got the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. I had been before, but that did not stop me from getting completely lost.

It was amazing. 

Continued some bull spotting thanks to Picasso

Loving the sculptures by Alberto Giacometti

Loving this lady guard who was asleep while standing up.

Degas made me think of Jack back at home. He has ballet today.

and then there was this……. In a room of Monets. 

One of my favourites by Van Gogh. Oleanders. I snapped you a closer look. Check it out.

Seriously. Beautiful.

In fact Mr Van Gogh’s flowers may have been the highlight of my day.


Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase

Each room of this particular part of the Met was like a big, beautiful slap across the face until you went into the next room and SLAP, another one. 

And then there was Pensive Beverly, who was overwhelmed to say the least. There were tears. Again.

And now we are back in our apartment. To celebrate our lovely day, we have cracked to top off a bottle of French Champagne and have turned out thoughts to our dinner plans. And what we need to tick off our list tomorrow.

I hope you are not sick of all these New York posts yet. Because I am as sure as shit are not sick of bringing them to you. x

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