Support in New York

New York’s Finest – with a couple of cops
Last night I went to bed at a reasonable hour after a single beer and a brilliant feed in China Town. And I tossed and turned until 3am-ish and fell into a fitful sleep. 

I awoke as fresh as a proverbial daisy at 7am and declared that I was now officially free from jet lag and am ready to do New York without zoning in and out of zombie mode. I popped out to get Mrs Macdonald a coffee. Sunday mornings are all quiet here in NYC, apart from the usual presence of police.

We got ready and met our friend Percy who had agreed to take us on a bit of a tour. This is a particularly good way to see New York I think, as you can get around quicker and get to see what you really want to see, without having to sit on the top of a bus in a plastic poncho. Plus you get to hang out with Percy, who giggles like a school girl the entire time. Especially when you make comments to him like, “This area looks like the sort of place that you bring people to murder them, before sticking concrete boots on them and throwing them into the Hudson. I do hope you are not intending to do this Percy, as I know KARATE!”

Uncontrollable giggles. 

So our friend took us around for the morning. We visited a big boat and Wall Street, where we saw the Bull and a lot of Chinese Tourists taking photos of themselves with the bull, particularly the bull’s nuts. I bought Mr Woog a bull to put on his desk and just knew that I had to kiss it, such is the theme of this trip. Bovine Kissing.
no bull……

We crossed the bridge into Brooklyn and spent some time wandering around Percy’s home borough which was simply beautiful. 

We stood on a pier with an elderly black man and his wife. They had a couple of fishing rods into the river and a cd player with Nat King Cole playing gently. It was really quiet and peaceful, looking over the river back into the craziness of the city. We chatted about fishing and stuff, and it made me realise you do not need much to kick back and relax.

I bid the loved up couple farewell and good luck with their quest to catch their dinner. The scenery was lovely and BabyMac took a  squillion photos, so go over there to get a better idea about our day.

The afternoon was spent at Century 21, who is the mac-daddy of all retailing. It is loud and busy and shoving and cheap. Heavily discounted designer threads and extraordinarily sour sales staff. But I did manage to pick up another pair of earrings which I love. And something else which I am dead excited about.

It is a *ahem* support camisole. It is not pretty and there is no lace involved. In fact I suspect if Mr Woog was to catch me in one, it might traumatise him for months.

Ok, so think about your Bridget Jones’s undies in your draw, and now picture them in not a dissimilar garment, but one that you place over year head.

BAM! A bloody miracle worker. It’s tags claims:

Shape your own destiny.
Slims torso, smoothes back….

Stops traffic? I will be the judge of that. We are about to head out to a BabyMac reader’s house for dinner and I have had this baby on for an hour, and so far I have not felt the need to faint, which is awesome. And what else is awesome, is that these garments are also available for men. You are welcome!