The golf pant has no place in this great city,

So yes, about the shopping here in New York. It is crazy good, but you knew that. I didn’t pack much, because:

  1. I hate all my clothes
  2. My clothes suck
  3. The choice, quality and service here is exceptional, not to mention the prices.
On my first day here, I popped on my very special pant. My golf pants. My pant for over 55s. They are a white cotton, 3/4 pant with a comforting elastic comfort band around the back. The were a sensible choice for this hot, humid weather and are practical for walking around. 

I came out of the bedroom wearing the pant and clocked the look on BabyMacs face and I knew, I just knew, it was time to sort my shit out and get some clothes that do not scream GET ME TO THE BINGO HALL toot sweet.

So shopping I did go, straight to Macy’s. My friend The Divine Ms M knows my wardrobe well and insists that I do not need any more “feature” pieces and I should focus on getting some great basics, like a good pair of jeans, a great pair of black pants, a well cut white shirt and the like. Stuff I can team with my 12 bedazzled t-shirts with back home.

And speaking of sequined t-shirts, why do I own so many? I really do not need to draw more attention to my chest.

Anyway, I went shopping and bought these items.

  • A scented candle
  • A sequined t-shirt
  • A pair of python printed pants to replace the golf pant
  • Some printed ballet flats
So you cannot wear the candle, but the other stuff are all classified as “feature” pieces. Why can’t I buy a plain black anything? Well, that is a bit of a lie…..I tried hard today and did manage to buy a plain black pair of cigarette pants, but only because I need something to wear with that top. And of course, somewhere to go to wear it….

But I pulled up short from buying these…..

But only just……….