What a wonderful world.

What do I have in common with this group of people? Apart from the ability to point, of course…..

50 Cent

George Dub

Dalai Lama

We were all born on the same day! And that day, my friends is today. Now I usually have a small to medium cry on my birthday for some reason. I have no idea why. It started on my 30th Birthday as I sat, pregnant as a walrus, watching my friends toast my 30th with champagne. But today, nothing but smiles!

My girlfriends took me out last night for dinner. So good to catch up. We rolled a bottle of champers before I was presented with some pretty good gifts. Understatement actually. Some fucking awesome gifts.

Bespoke necklace made for me by my pal Uberkate using all my favourite colours and stones. HAVE YOU EVER? If I were ever to indulge in carnal knowledge with a piece of jewellery, this would be it.

Beautiful Bookends to remind myself that I am actually a writer, NOT a karaoke singer.

8 pack of mini diet cokes from a dear, dear mate. Backstory? Sure. I spent my birthday about 7 years ago with said dear, dear mate in Phuket, Thailand. She asked me on the day what I wanted as a birthday present. I told her a Diet Coke. So that is what I know get from her every year, I love it.
A very DIVINE friend indulged me with these. Cannot speak about my love for them without crying… and I am not crying this year, remember?
So here today,  it is all about the 6th of July. A day that a group of idiots (plus one wise man and my step mum *waves*) were born. A day, that ironically, in 1785, the dollar was chosen as the monetary unit for the United States. Ironic because that is what my gift from Mr Woog was. An envelope containing American Dollars to spend later in the month.

Beats the shit out the office chair and desk compendium he has given me in the past (I DO NOT FUCKING CARE IF IT IS A TAX WRITE-OFF!)

So have a drink for me this evening and raise you glass to the 6th of July, which is great day! Except for Louis Armstrong, who departed this earth on this day in 1971.

I will get off Wikipedia now.