Chakra Kahn

On my last night in New York, I went to a psychic. The room buzzed when I entered it. There was this nervous energy bouncing off the walls. It was a strange sensation and I have not given too much thought about the whole concept of tarot, palm readers and the like. But for some reason I thought this was the perfect situation to ask some burning questions.

And what it all boiled down to was this.

I am the one that is holding me back.

Anxiety, guilt and self doubt creeps in to smack me back down into place. About everything. And I am pretty sure that “survey says” I would not be alone here. I think it is a epidemic amongst women.

I came to New York seeking inspiration. I found it by the truckloads. I came. I saw. I kicked it’s ass. It kicked mine back a bit and then we kissed and made up and took a horse and cart ride around Central Park together.

“They” say When you are tired of London, you are tired of life. But I think those losers have never been to New York. If you are compiling your bucket list, whack those two little words onto it. She will not disappoint you.

And so now I sit here, sipping a champagne and writing this blog post, looking at these 3 little stones that I was given last night after my reading. I cannot remember which one stands for what, but they represent the 3 things I need to move forward. I rubbed them like a mofo in the cab on the way here, turning back, watching as the Manhattan skyline faded away.

I cursed my chakras, which are apparently shot to shit. Stupid chakras……..

But right then and there, I decided not to be an asshole to myself anymore.

I needed to get away and get some time in for me, to wander the streets and think about which way I am headed. New York has pointed me in the right direction. I am now facing that way, and just need to put one foot in front of the other.

Thank you for joining me on my trip.

I was in New York thanks to 
Seriously. Thank you xx

PS Usually here I would apologise for such an emo post. But that was the old me.