Hunting for Jabba

In a few short weeks, we will be collecting the keys to Jabba the Hut, named in honour of my Aunty Lois. You may remember Jabba the Hut from such blog posts as this one.

Jabba was purchased fully furnished, which is terrific to start with. Especially if you are a fan of Psycho Nanna Interiors. But because we have no money left to do anything to her in the interim, she will receive a lick of white paint and will be decorated exclusively and secondhandedly from Vinnies and eBay, which is half the fun don’t you think?

Although, having said that, she did need a little Welcome to the Family gift, which was made last week.
18 by Matthew Rogers. I love these colours. LOVE

On Saturday Jack and I went for a walk. We came across our local Vinnies and BAM! Hello pristine cane mirror for $20! I slapped down a red lobster and told Gladys I would be back for her later in the day.

Someone had spray painted her gold which made both myself and Doug very sad.

Something came over me and I got all Shelley Craft like. I sanded that mirror.

And then I lost my shit trying to use painters tape to tape over the mirror, so I outsourced it.

And then HE lost his shit and went to the shed of mystery to grab a tool that has probably never ever been used before. I bet Shelly never had to put up with such ineptness…..

THEN….. Mr Woog took the mirror out so that I could undercoat it with gay abandon……

….which actually bored me after 7 seconds so I again outsourced it. Best $2 I have ever spent.

So now I have a perfectly undercoated FRAME sitting out in the garage waiting for me to choose a colour. HELP ME CHOOSE A COLOUR PEOPLE!  I know that there are some interior-type gurus that swing by my blog once in a while. Yes, I am after free advice.

AND THEN….. Jack and I walked past Vinnies again yesterday and look what followed us home! Another lobster dropped for some TIGER LIKE AWESOME BOOKENDS which will be very handy I am sure. We do not have a beach house just yet, but we do own some bookends for it. Trained to fetch balls and all.

like a tiger……..

And then Uberkate called me with some very exciting news. That girl LOVES a good Vinnies expedition. She had bought me, for $6, a perfect aqua chenille bedspread for Jabba! Tres excited.

Next on my wish list for Jabba is a couple of pineapple lamps, a bit like this one.

So if you see one in your travels, let me know! I just want to feel at home as I get about in my coconut bra and grass skirt.

What colour should I paint that mirror?
What has been your greatest Vinnies find?