Meet Nigel, The Legend of Lipsticks!

Bought to you by Maybelline
Opinions all my own. From my brain.

A while back Eden Riley and I went to Melbourne to hang out with the experts from Maybelline, as part of a fact finding trip.  They were brave, as we were not looking our best when we turned up. (And that is being kind!)

Is there a magician in the house?

The team, headed up my Head Makeup Dude Nigel Stanislaus  did not shriek in fear and run away. They were up for a challenge, and it took only a few minutes to make us more presentable, without a huge amount of makeup.

Hang on, I think you need a side by side comparison…. Sweet lord.

The secret, my friends……. is……. LIPSTICK!

Nigel is a passionate believer that every gal needs a red lipstick in their handbag. It brightens you up, makes your teeth look whiter and adds glamour in under 30 seconds. He chose my perfect rescue, which turned out to be Maybelline Red Revival. I used to think that red lipstick was a little “Sailor wanna Humpa Humpa” but that has changed. I now wear it every day. My Mum is so pleased. She was forever saying “You need some lipstick on…..”

Red Revival

Nigel is a guru and I am ticked RED to share his top ten makeup tips with you!

Me and Nigel.

1. Mascara should be applied to the bottom lashes first and then to
the top lashes to avoid smudges
2. If you have pale skin and want to appear darker do not buy darker foundation. 
3. Wearing lipstick is the fastest way to look glamorous.
4. The deeper your complexion, the deeper your blush should be.
5. If you don’t want a full coverage mix a little bit of foundation with some plain unscented moisturizer to create your own tinted foundation.
6. Test the colour of foundation on your jawline and décolletage to make sure it is the right colour for your skin tone. It should blend effortlessly in and match.
7. Warm the foundation in your hands before applying and blend with your fingers in little dabs and swirls.  Start off with a little bit of foundation and work up if needed.
8. Cool coloured eyes (blue, green); look fabulous with bronze, chocolate, green and gold eye shadows
9. Warm coloured eyes (brown); look dazzling with lilac, navy, violet and black eye shadows
10. Feel empowered by make up and embrace your creativity and personality with colour
Got that? And if you are still a little make-up clueless (like myself before my time with Nigel…) you may remember this little tutorial I did a while back….. (Still my favourite foundation BTW) Please note that this vlog was done before I worked with Maybelline in any official capacity. I just really, really, really dig this product and am happy to trot this out whenever I can!
Awesome freeze frame there Mrs Woog…..
Are you a make-up junkie or a nervous novice?
Got any questions you need answered?
Does your Mum nag you about lipstick?
What is your favourite shade?