Moving Uptown and getting nostalgic

Last night we went down to Greenwich Village to have dinner with our agent Lorraine and fellow blogger Sarah from A Beach Cottage. We went to Empallon, a modern Mexican posh restaurant because Pensive Beverly’s mate Cory is the manager there. Cory took charge of all the ordering and was completely charming. The restaurant was very busy and seated at the table next to us, was Hayden Quinn from Masterchef.

So we had to say hello, right? My son Harry thinks he is so great. We were chit chatting away. He is here shooting some “webisodes” and my fellow diners were all nodding and I was just sitting there thinking “What the hell is a webisode…..”

I went on to tell him that I was real good mates with Julie Goodwin, the original Masterchef winner. Between you and me, I have written one article, exchanged a few emails and met her at a party once, but the way I carried on he might have mistaken us for sisters.

So, Julie Goodwin, if there is any chance that you might ever read this, you were by bridesmaid and your dress was black. Oh, and I am going to your house for dinner next week.

And Hayden, if you should ever read this, you must always take your backwards baseball cap off in a fancy pants restaurant. It is just good manners.

We moved out of our apartment today and into the Hilton Hotel where the Blogher Conference starts on Friday. Note to Paris Hilton. Please stop dicking about in Japan selling handbags or whatever it is that you are doing and get to work on a revamp of this dinosaur! It truly is like an airport and the room is a cramped nod the the decor style known as maroon and mahogany. There are THOUSANDS of rooms here and the lobby steadily filled with bloggers this afternoon, all abuzz with the news which came through yesterday that President Obama would be addressing us on Thursday afternoon. Bloggers have extraordinary pull over here. But more about that later in the week.

Pensive Beverly and I parted ways for the afternoon. I immediately took off in the wrong direction and ended up in the Diamond District. HELLO SAILOR!

I got a little hungry so grabbed a quick bite. I sat at the counter looking out the window and across the street onto a couple of naughty boys……. and one naughty girl. Even though they are in London, I swear I could see Ms Brooks mopping the marble foyer with a monitoring device on her ankle….

With my appetite sated, I set off to see how many blocks I could walk and how lost I could get in the least amount of time.

I had a New York moment standing here, wishing Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin would pop out for a hot dog.

I stopped and checked out the window displays at Anthropologie. 

And kept-a-walking.

We have not spent a huge amount of time up here near Times Square. I think the outer boroughs have far more charm and tales to tell. Crossed over to Park Avenue and clocked over 20 blocks, passing the Waldorf Astoria who is closed for a facelift. (take note Hilton…)

8 years ago Mr Woog and I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria for the last few nights of our trip in New York so we could pretend we were all fancy like. I was surprised one day when Mr Woog gave me a ring that he bought at the antique store in the lobby.  A ring that I had been showing him in the window every time we walked past. Because I WAS IN LOVE WITH IT!

I was wearing that ring today so I took a photo, showing her where she came from. He is a good boy. If you are reading this Mr Woog can you please put some more money in the account. Thanks x

take less selfless and buy more hand cream.

I have decided I have done enough shopping but I needed to get a few last minute basics to go with all of my feature pieces. Ralph Lauren? White cotton shirt, a coral silk top and a pair of jeans. Tickety tick tick!

But then these fell into my bag……..

mini fucking mouse

I am in New York with thanks to