Sort Fathers Day with an Uberkate Giveaway.

Come Father’s Day, Mr Woog is known to get all demanding and needy. He requests things, expects things and generally makes a pain in the ass out of himself.

I constantly remind him. Remind him that he is NOT my father. I already have 2 Dads. And not in the cool “I have two dads” kind of way. The other way.

Mr Woog is not one for “stuff”. He is a simple man, with extraordinary choice in women. He likes a good book, a Bunnings Gift Voucher or sexual favour, the latter being completely inappropriate for such a family focused day.

So I have exactly 2 weeks to sort out a book and a Bunnings Gift Voucher for him…. FROM TODAY!

You? You, on the other hand, are lucky. Because you have the chance to win your way out of this painful purchasing process with an UberKate Key Ring.

RRP $255

Isn’t she a beauty! Smooth, classy and bespokey, should you be the winner of this gorgeous gift, you will be able to get Kate to emboss the large circle with up to 20 characters and up to 6 characters on the smaller one.

Personally? I would have PLEASE REMEMBER THE WINE on the big one and MERKIN on the small.

This giveaway is bought to you by Uberkate. Visit their site at for all things amazing. You can join their creative and lovely Facebook community HERE.

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That is it! I am keeping this one quick and simple. The winner will be drawn by Random.Org, so you do not have to be particularly witty or clever, but you know I do like a giggle…. not that it will affect the outcome but it will make me happy!

Australian Residents Only
One Entry per reader.
The winner will be announced here on Thursday 23rd August and should be finalised by Friday 24th August to allow Kate time to create your prize and post it to you.

Um, I am not quite sure why you are not entering already….. xx

PS Please note that my commenting system sometimes eats comments done from phones. If this is the case, please feel free to re-enter from a computer.