Start heading to the coast…..

As part of my “socshies” I have a Facebook Page for this blog. It is made up of a fabulous group of like-minded women (and a few fellas) and we get on and discuss all sorts of important things.

Like Ballet Flats.

have you ever…….

Last night we were discussing alcohol, and tripping the light fantastic with words such as SubZero with Grenadine, West Coast Coolers and C&C Music Factory.

And this then led to conversations about Summer Wine, Strongbow, Passion Pop, Peach Cooler, Lemon Ruskis and Two Dogs. All headache inducing sweet liquids which were a right of passage if you were of the same era as me.

The whole conversation bought me back to the first time I got drunk. I must have been about 16 when a mate and I thought it was a great idea to procure a bottle of “whatever” from the fridge in my parents garage and drink it. When my mum found us later, rolling around and laughing till we cried, she was more concerned about what we had drank, rather than the fact that we had drank it.

Yes, my first taste of the turps was a bottle of Verve Clicquot, not the box of Fruity Lexia sitting right next to it.
She hit the roof. And rightly so, because that Verve Clicquot soon re-appeared in a less appealing form than when it went in.

Classy lady… right there.

The Coolabah Cask DID however get a workout during the university era, due to it’s appealing price point and the silver baggie that you could pull out and play with. But years on, I cannot even sniff it, along with Southern Comfort, Tequila and Pimms. And West Coast Coolers…

Did you favour any of the 90’s drinks?
Do you retch when you sniff a particular brew due to bad memories?


  • Blue voc and lemonade. That is all.

    • Anonymous

      Hey nice one, I quite liked cherry voc & lemonade at the Belrose bowling club, then whiteout walking home down Forest Way, when it was just a country lane post 11pm.

  • Oh Passion Pop… Or “the two buck chuck” as we used to call it…

  • Jess

    One night of tequila slammers with the locals at a country pub when I was 17, put me off tequila for life.

    Also Southern Comfort, makes me do a mouth vom

  • Passion Pop! Speaking of the nineties… still trying to find out who left a bottle of pink Spumante at my party… I was known for my Passion Pop but Spumante? Please…

  • Sub zeros – bloody dangerous those things!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    We thought we were pretty cool drinking Summer Wind. But some stolen Brandavino was.topped up with cold tea, then the bottle was strategically dropped in a house move. Never caught.

  • Jugs of Illusions, all the way!!

  • Oh yeah, jugs of illusions fo’ shizzle! And in the same vein as sub zero and two dogs, remember E33? It was foul, and lethal. Ahhh the memories…or lack of them!