What’s My Niche?

FYI – niche rhymes with quiche
At the recent Blogher Conference in New York, there was much talk about niches.

“What is your niche?” I was asked. Over and over again.

“I dunno…..” I would reply, shrugging my shoulder while I held a glass of California’s finest.

“Well, what do you blog about then?” would be the next question.

“I dunno….. stuff.” I would say, while¬†shoving a crab cake into my pie hole.

Niches are big in blogging and I am often concerned about the absence of “niche” in my own blog. Some bloggers write about interiors, child development, coupon collecting (huge in the US), health, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, music, photography, education, politics, social awareness, pets, real estate, pretty things and a million other areas that people might be interested in.

Me? No niche.

A few weeks back I put up a survey on my blog, inviting readers to respond to a thousand questions about this site. Hundreds of you took part. (Thank you to all. Apart from that one person who asked me how Mr Woog manages to live with me without wanting to stab a knife in his ear. I asked him this question, and he just rolled his eyes. I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.)

The interesting thing that came out of the survey was that 3 respondents visited this site for…… recipes!

Now, as far as I can tell, I have never blogged a recipe. I leave that to amazing bloggers that can actually cook! Like her and her and her.

But I took it as a sign and the next night I made burgers. And snapped a photo of it to share on Instagram, like all good food bloggers do. And guess what?

I was accused of not using beetroot and my assembly of said burger was questioned!

So having decided to be a food blogger, it turns out I do not have skin thick enough to deal with the dissection of my craft. One dish was all it took. One simple little dish, which meant I do not have to attempt Lobster Mornay this Sunday….. with a raspberry Jam trifle chaser.

So I am back to being a niche-less blogger. Niche free for 3 years. It has been 4 days since my last attempt at niche, and back into my mundane hole I will crawl, dreaming of vodka and merkins and chocolate croissants, with the odd dilemma thrown in for good measure.

Are you a blogger? What is your niche?
Are niches important in this social media circus that we play in? Why? Why not? Help me Yoda.

And really, what is the optimum assembly of a burger….