6 Online Finds that I Rate.

Today I am going to get all Sally Williams Brand Power like as I spread some fabulous finds that you can order from right where you are sitting. And if you are anything like me, you will know your Visa card number off the top of your head, so you will not even have to go a wallet searching.

Aren’t I nice!

But seriously, these are a few things that I love. I am not paid to endorse any of these products. (Although those marked with a * were sent to me – I ain’t no Alan Jones! Full disclosure always here my friends)

Shall we begin?

Walnut Tennis Shoes

It has been eons since I actually picked up a racquet, but that does not stop me from slipping on a pair of these puppies nearly every single day. After an achingly long hiatus of being out of stock, they are back! Nothing to me says summer like a fresh pair of brand spanking new white canvas loafers, and in my own opinion, these are the best ones around. And at $39.95 a pop? Chips people! Chips! Click here 

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

I have been a long time fan of the original Trilogy Rosehip Oil. I am now a slave to the new, super special advanced formula. A couple of drops of a freshly washed face each evening will help shed your winter skin. It is moisturising and good and all of this stuff that I cannot be assed to go into. I rate it. Highly. $29.95, same price as a good bottle of wine, but it will last you much, much longer.  Buy it online HERE.


A while ago, I was sent the Method Range. “Dear Lord!” I proclaimed… “As if I am ever going to talk about cleaning shit!!” 
Yet strangely, here we are. And why? Because I rate this stuff. It is all non toxic, gentle, chemical free and mainly I like it because it works. And it is cheap. The 4 up there is my pick of the range, but you can check out the entire selection and order HERE.

Gel Eyeliner stuff from Maybelline*

Have you ever looked at a clever with make-up friend and admired the way that they can line their eyes so they look all hot like? And then you go home, and proceed to send yourself blind by trying to achieve this look yourself? With this nifty little kit, you can achieve this result without maiming yourself. It is FOOLPROOF PEOPLE! You could possibly get your toddler to do it to you. Dip the little brush into the gel and watch it glide across your lid, just like Torvill and Dean did a million years ago at the Entertainment Centre which I was in attending because my Mum thought it might be fun…

NOT FUN! Teenagers DO NOT like spending a Saturday Afternoon watching ice-skating. Well, this one anyway…

Anyway, I digress. This will set you back 16 clams. Consider it a part of your optical health insurance. Click HERE to order.
Ollie & Max White Shirt

I know, I know. I have written about these before but I just cannot get enough of this shirt! Every lady needs a white shirt in their wardrobe and this one is THE BEST! Why?
Well, for a start the style suits everyone, all body types and all ages. It is 100% soft cotton voile and comes in sizes 8-24. Every time I feel a bit bleurgh, I whack mine on with some jeans, a coloured scarf and some hooped earring and BANG! Instant mood lifter – right there. No mind-altering substances required. Click here for details.

Tangle Teezer

Oh sweet lord! Get your mind out of the gutter. This is NOT a strange looking sex-aid. I actually picked this up at the beginning of the year in a Goodie Bag at an event, of all places. And I rate it highly enough to include it in this little collection of awesome objects. It is a complete miracle. 
You know when you wash your hair and towel dry it. Then you comb the knots out and most of your hair ends up on the floor and you wonder how you have any left on your head? This will put a complete stop to that bullshit.  Or (like mothers of girls everywhere) you have the crying session when you do it to your kid? This will put a complete stop to THAT bullshit as well. It just glides though, untangling even the most stubborn matting. I do  not know how it works. It just does. CLICK HERE for details.

I hope you have found my little online shopping guide handy, or inspiring and at least mildly interesting.

Are there any of these items that float YOUR boat?

And please, for the love of sharing, if you have found a product that you have found ONLINE, feel free to share the link on the comments section. Because sharing the knowledge is good for one’s soul!