What a response my little rant I wrote yesterday about the Parking Mafia provoked! I am glad that I am not alone in facing this daily demon. And to all you lucky things that live in the country, GELL-ARSE! Your kids get picked up at your door by a bus? Or a ferry? I would never, ever get out of my jammies. I salute you for a clever life choice.

Today I am off to the school athletics carnival. I, without fail, turn into a complete lunatic! I celebrate the fact that my kids can run in a straight line, albeit very slowly, quite vocally.

Example – Fish Wife Mother circa 2009

Example – Damir Dokic circa 2011

So an exciting day ahead, with my kids striving for excellence on the field and with me trying hard not to remove the gag that my mummy mates now insist on me wearing to such outings.

Have a fantastic weekend!