I’m going back to Jabba.

Mr Woog and I do a lot of things well as a couple. We share the same values and a lot of the same beliefs. We made good kids together. We rarely clash. But there is one thing that we, as husband and wife, do NOT do well.

And we only just discovered it!

We do not work well together when we are trying to hook a box trailer up to Sonia Kluger.

Who knew that a seemingly straightforward task would send us both in the stratosphere. Door slams, eye rolls, walk offs, why I had not seen anything like it since the great storm off a week or so ago when we were actually trying to by the car.

The connection is the car. Sonia, settle down.

And why were we connecting up the box trailer? We were going back to Cali.

Except we weren’t really. We were going back to Jabba!

I had the song in my head all day. They call it an earworm I believe. And I had not had an ear worm like that since I took the kids to see Madagascar 3 a few weeks ago.


Because we bought Jabba completely as is, we we are now proud owners of a very unusual art collection!

You may recall tile art? Where you buy (normally at a really bad church fete) a tile that someone had cut a picture of Holly Hobby or some naff animal with big eyes and stuck it into a tile with a bit of velvet around the edge? Well guess who now owns 2?


We also own a shed full of rubbish which was cleverly hidden during inspections of Jabba the Hut and Mr Woog is a man who likes his shed to be rubbish free, so the Woogs were lucky enough to go on an excursion to the Woy Woy Waste Removal Facility.

Because I don’t think you can ever spoil your kids enough, can you. We found the tip and I was going to do a whole post about visiting the tip but then my phone died so I could not take any photos. Instead I made friends with the tip man. And preceded to do what I do when I meet someone with a relatively interesting job.

That is ask a million questions. And for the record, Dwayne has never discovered a body but he did have one interesting tale to tell. A desperate fella turned up one day. Turns out, he had delivered a truckload of stuff from his deceased elderly mother’s place some time ago. Among the contents was a fridge and it was not till a week later that the will was read and turns out…. She had kept a substantial amount of cash in the freezer!

The fridge was now part of landfill.

But getting back to Jabba.

I think we are all going to get along just fine. Apart from one person….

Holly now spends her days at the Umina Salvation Army Store.
And THAT makes ME happy!