Is that a hose in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me.

Father’s Day at Chateau de Woog came and went fairly uneventfully. Mr Woog early on quoted Greta Garbo with “I like to be alone…” So I gave him the morning off and hightailed it out of here with both boys in tow.

Mr Woog wanted to be left alone so he could play with his hose.

Let me explain.

Sometimes, when you are a blogger, you get sent things from companies for “editorial consideration” which is a fancy way of saying free shit. Recently I was sent, of all things, a hose. Which I kept hidden for a bit and presented to Mr Woog on Father’s Day. The ultimate re-gift. He was lucky, to be honest, as he made a purchase late last week that sent me into the pissed off stratosphere and made me declare to him that THAT was his birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas present FOR THE REST OF HIS GODDAMN LIFE.

So yesterday I was all like “Here is your goddamn Fathers Day present…” I expected him to take one look at it and say “What the fuck…” But he was absolutely delighted! I told him not to get too excited, because it had been sent as a freebie by the fancy hose company, but this just made him even more pleased.

In with the new….

Out with the old…

Fancy hose. Get it here.
This shot was taken about a second before Mr Woog let the kids have a turn of the hose, and turn they did. On their Dad. It was magic.

So the re-gift was a complete success. I hope it, and Mr Woog and the boat have a long and happy life together.

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