Jump Around! A Springfree Trampoline Giveaway.

Sponsored by Springfree

Years ago, for approximately 18 months or so, my two sons used my pelvic floor as their own personal trampoline. Ironically, it was this enthusiastic pre-birth exercise that has left me unable to use a trampoline right now with 100% confidence that I might not accidently wet myself……. just a bit.

Ah motherhood, in all your mysterious glory.

Years later that I made a cheap and shoddy investment in a real life trampoline. It took me several days to put together and only months before is started to look a little shabby, with bits falling off it and the like. Over about 18 months, it started to resemble something you might find at a tip, by the side of a road or dismantled and chucked into a skip, which is where ours ended up.

See those metal bars up there? They used to be covered in soft foam that the boys thought might be fun to tear off and use as lightsabers. Team the metal poles with the total absence of tension from the “safety net” and BINGO!
You have yourself a family trip to casualty. The perfect way to spend a Sunday Afternoon. Hematoma Heaven!

Smart folk we know also had trampolines, but they had coughed up and bought the primo version. A Springfree Trampoline.

I am envious of families who have Springfree Trampolines. They can relax as the kids tire themselves out jumping around like crazy, knowing that they will not have to mop up bits of child.  That is the thing I miss about not having a trampoline now (not the casualty part). The getting them so tired part. It is a well known fact in my own brain, that the more you physically challenge a kid, the less objections you have when it comes to getting them off to sleep.

And with a Springfree trampoline there is a zip, so it is kind of like a legal cage, which of course I am fully supportive of.

Because I am a lovely mum, I took my boys out to the Springfree Experience Centreso they could see what they were missing out on.

Did they like it? I’ll let you be the judge.

Click here to find out more about the safety benefits of a Springfree Trampoline. Click here to see where you can try them out for yourself.


Springfree are giving away 2 Trampolines.

RRP at $1385 each, just visit their Facebook Page by clicking on the star-jumping lady below and enter. Entries are open from now, up until the 24th of September.

This lady has not had children. Obviously.

Have you ever had a trampoline incident?