Look at it

Mr Woog loves a garden and right now is his favourite time of the year, as he wanders around of an afternoon, pulling a weed here and there and shrilling with delight at the emerging colour he planted months ago.

“Look at it!” He exclaims and I look at it, and congratulate him. This keeps him happy and allows me to appear interested.

Over the winter months, a brown paper bag resided in our fridge. One day I had had enough of what I thought was a rotting mushroom and chucked it in the bin. When Mr Woog discovered it was missing, he got all panicked and hand flappy.

A small exchange occurred, and then he went through the Sulo to retrieve it. You see it was NOT a rotting mushroom, it was a very special bulb. It was a white iris, and Mr Woog was keeping it chilled, waiting for the right time to plant it. Which was weeks ago now.

Everyday, Mr Woog would check on the progress of his very special bulb. “Look at it!” and I would look at it. It grew and grew in the late Winter sun, until one day it spread open it’s petals.

And kind of drooped.

So Mr Woog fixed her a little crutch from a specially purchased stick. She continued to grow towards the sky and give Mr Woog daily pleasure. Until today.

I woke up to one of my sons telling me that he had got me a present. A lovingly hand painted vase that he completed at After School Care yesterday.

And propped up in it …… was……. The White Iris.

What I woke to this morning. Thank you son. 

I am not sure whether to just send him a link to this blog post this morning and turn off the phone, or just wait till he gets home this afternoon and watch out the kitchen window to see the cognitive unravelling of his brain, as he realises the most recent love of his life has gone.  And she is not coming back.

How can I look at something if it is no longer there?

Either way, interesting times my friend. Interesting times.