Mrs Woog Bakes. And a KitchenAid Giveaway!

Sponsored by Tic Tac

It had been brought to my attention recently that I had never blogged a recipe. I was issued a challenge, and I am always up for pushing myself out of my comfort zone, so I accepted.

You see, we have one of those super fancy mixers that sits collecting dust on the kitchen bench.

It is super fancy and super shiny. Mr Woog has used it twice and if I can be honest, I use it everyday. As a storage facility.

So lets get a baking!
First up, clean out the bowl and give it a bit of a rinse. Then take some time to prepare all of the ingredients you will need to make your cupcakes. This is important because you do not want to get halfway through the process and realise you have forgotten something really essential.

Place all ingredients in the bowl making sure you leave at least one small piece of eggshell in it. (Because I could not get it out. It is now the signature element of this dish)
Then blast it!


Mix for about 5 minutes. Use this time to get together the apple component of this cupcake.


It is important to select the finest produce you can find. Look for an even, glossy colour, a fragrant aroma and make sure it is firm to the touch.

Spoon your smooth, velvety mixture into a cupcake pan that you of course have already lined. Because you are a professional, remember…
Make sure you distribute the mixture evenly.

Or not…….
Whack them in a pre-heated oven set at 180 degrees and settle down on the couch for 15 minutes to watch some infomercials and lick the bowl. Please set a timer here.

Cool your cakes down in the fridge and turn your attention to prepping the fruit. Fill a little bowl with Green Apple Tic Tacs.

Next step, spend about 45 minutes trying the get the right consistency of icing together. Add a bit of icing sugar, add a bit of milk, then more icing sugar then a bit more milk.

Until you have enough icing sugar to decorate Kim Kardashian’s wedding cakes for the rest of her life.


Turn your iced cupcake upside down and ever so gently, press into the apple mixture. And you find yourself with a delightful treat, suitable for when even the most poshest of friend pops over unexpectedly for a cuppa. It is a taste sensation, made possible from the tiny little green apple taste explosions that the Tic Tacs provide!


Who said I could not bake! Oh ye of little faith……

But a super cook must always respect her ingredients and tools. Should you find yourself wanting to re-create my dish, you will need yourself one of these.



To celebrate the release of the Limited Edition Green Apple Tic Tacs, the folks at Tic Tac would like to give you the chance to win an Apple Green Kitchen Aid!

There is one Apple Green Kitchen Aid mixer up for grabs for readers of Woogsworld and BabyMac. For your chance to win please think of a really awesome name for my apple cupcake creations, and leave it in the comments section. 

Please note my commenting system prefers computers rather than mobile devices when commenting.

The comment judged the most creative and fun across both blogs by TIC TAC will win the Kitchen Aid

Entries close at midnight on Thursday 20th September, with winners announced on Friday 21st September. 
Australian Residents only.

So have a think…. What should we call this recipe?

With thanks to the new Limited Edition Green Apple Tic Tac.

Click the Green Apple to visit their cute Facebook Page.

  • Tic Tac Paddy Whack Cupcakes

  • This competitions guidelines make me feel like I’m on ‘Ready Steady Cook!’. Also, I’m just going to verify that the names the chefs give their meals are shit and I just wish the show would hurry up and finish so I can watch Judge Judy!
    She has so much rage that I suspect she watches Ready Steady Cook before she enters a courtroom.
    Anyway, my name suggestion is ‘Tic Tac Whoa!’
    I’ve never even considered popping Tic Tacs on a cupcake. I probably should because along with choc icing face, I could have fresh breath. Winner!

  • Green explosion 🙂

  • Snow leopard cakes!


    They’re GREEN!?!

    *f%#*ing colour blindness.

  • So Appletising!!

  • Granny Smith Supreme :0)

  • Radioactive Mouse Turd Treats.

  • Rachel Ahern

    Tacky cakes

  • The amazing “Tic Tac Grapple” anyone would want to grapple for one of these amazing treats!

  • Anonymous

    Artificial Apple Cake (Kelly Walters)

  • Miss Nic and the Nic O’teens

    Because I’m super envious and have already mailed off my firstborn in a giant post pack to sweeten my deal, I shall call them: The Green Eyed Whirls.
    BTW, Ruby is super friendly and would happily live off the whirls until its time to come home – in a box, with the prize. X

  • Miss Nic and the Nic O’teens

    Or: Kryptonite Kreams.

    • Miss Nic and the Nic O’teens

      Or: Emerald Energizers.

  • Ali (@redsoles)

    It would be something like Tic Tac Apple Zap cupcakes

    Or Atomic Apple Crunch-Cakes!

  • Tic tac it’ll give you a smack!

  • Inara B

    Crunchy ‘Apple a day’ cakes or Go Green Dream Cakes…

  • Freda Chng

    Applosion Cupcakes!

    Green Popper!

    Apple tickle sprinkle!

    Green-Pop treats!

  • Freda Chng

    Applosion Cupcakes!

    Green Popper!

    Apple tickle sprinkle!

    Green-Pop treats!

  • AppletasTIC TAC Cakes!

  • Anonymous

    Apple Tic Tastics (Rebecca Francis)

  • Anonymous

    Kermits Cakes

  • Doctor Repellers. As is, an apple Tic Tac a day keeps the doctor away…

  • Anonymous

    Very appealing cupcakes!
    Apple of my eye cupcakes!
    (Kate Louden)

  • Crunchy apple cakes
    Green dream apple supreme cupcakes

  • Kermit Cupcakes

  • Totally
    Note the acronym!!!!

  • Mini apple bombs
    Paddy apple tacs
    Iced apple delights

  • Jade O’shea

    An Apple a day keeps the doctor away cupcakes!

  • Ginny


  • Green with envy
    Think fresh cupcakes

  • Ruth Mason

    Woogers boogers …;)

  • Mrs Woogs Super Special Extremely Rare Handy Dandy Tic Tocking Cruchy Cakes

  • Jay

    TicTacalicious cupcakes
    Green Applicious
    Little Green Hedgehogs
    Green Grassy cupcakes

  • Tic tacapple cupcakes

  • PETA channing

    Apple-tini-tiny- tic-tac cakes

  • Tic tac apple snack
    Green apple bake and snackle
    Bake and take apple break
    Green with envy tic tac candy

  • Anonymous

    Green Apple Avalanches! (amanda Ashford)

  • Tania maree

    CrunchtasTIC apple cupcakes

  • Tic Tapple cakes

  • Kardashiwoogs Eggcellent Apple Tac Cakes (TM).

    Figure I had to get the hero of the dish (egg shell) into it somehow.

  • Shannon

    Ticcy Taccy Taffy Apples!

  • Anonymous

    The Ever-FantasTIC Apple atTACk


    Tac Apple Tic Cake

    (couldn’t see any T&C’s, hopefully two entries are okay) =)

    Amy – [email protected]

  • Tic tac cake attack!

    Tacky patty

  • Apple Tic-Taculous Cupcakes.

    A treat for the tongue!!

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