My Secret Shows of SHAME!

I don’t watch a huge amount of television, I confess. We do have Foxtel though, and over the years there is a genre of offerings that have become strangely compelling to me.

I call this genre CRAP TV.

And it is this CRAP TV that will suck me in every time. You will find my preferences for CRAP TV up there.

The thing about CRAP TV is that it is just that. Complete crap. It gives you nothing, does not inspire you, you do not learn from it and it will not leave you thinking anything beyond breast implants and complete idiots.

(Apart from Fashion Police – that is just gold)

I see the ads for Big Brother and I think to myself…. “Who watches that crap?” and then I flick over to Embarrassing Bodies where poor souls are too embarrassed to go to the doctor with ailments such as an infected, engorged testicle, but are quite happy to have it filmed on a show that has an international audience.

I think CRAP TV is to blame for the dumbing down of society in general. Well, that and our insistent fascination for celebrity consumption…..


Mr Woog will quite often be sitting in the kitchen reading or phaffing about when he will call out……

“What ARE you watching?”

Am I will reply “Crap TV, SHUSH!”

The exchange will launch him into a long lecture on why I should not be watching such rubbish, and I will get up and shut the kitchen door, so I do not have to listen to him, and he does not have to listen to “my stories.”

So there you have it. A hands down confession. And I ask you dear reader, do you dare to name YOUR SECRET SHOW OF SHAME?

Go on, we are in a safe space here…..

You know you want to…..