Re-create this look.

Ballet Concert was smashed out of the ball park over the weekend. Mind you, Jack’s ballet school is a very serious establishment. No little hall here, but a full on theatre with stalls and dress circle seats, and get this…..

You have to purchase your tickets ONLINE from a third party ticket management place. And they cost…. $35! The concert goes for 2 hours and there are 2 shows. Sweet mother of Nutcracker people!

We began preparation mid-morning yesterday. Jack followed me around the house with my make up bag for about an hour before I caved. He wanted glittery eyes and a feature cheek. And what my baby wants, my baby gets.  I felt like I had come off the set of “Toddlers and Tiaras…”


To create this look at home?

We used Garnier BB Cream. Jack has no current skin concerns.  I dusted the complete eyelid with Benefit’s Fahrenheit Fab creamy eyeshadow, before defining the lidded area with Stila shadow in Golightly. Next up, I carefully lined his upper lash line with Bloom’s glitter eyeliner, aptly named Rising Star. Lashes were coated with two coats of Maybelline Great Lash in Black. Two coats make those peepers POP! A better and more budget friendly mascara I am yet to meet.
I used a creamy blush. My choice is Stila’s Convertible Colour in Peony. I love this product! A slick of Revlon’s Colourstay Ultimate Lipcolour finished the look. 
Sorry I cannot identify the colour, because it has worn off the bottom of the tube.

We sat through an hour of the concert before we retreated to the foyer, where Cheezels were consumed. I was getting impatient. I want to see my baby on that stage! The ding ding ding went and we returned to our seats. Half an hour later, and the Primary Group was ready to hit the boards.

Out they trotted. All 18 or so of them. 17 little girls and one smart young lad dressed in a fine, military style jacket and black tights. Standing up so straight, I thought he would burst a poopa valve.

They trotted around the stage and then……. and then…..

Jack ran across the stage by himself and leapt like a little baby gazelle towards the front, where he mesmerised at least me, with a solo. A FRICKIN SOLO! And there was a spotlight involved. And a spontaneous rupture of applause!

I clutched my Mum’s hand, and I am not afraid to say that I might have cried. Just a tear or two.

Have your kids ever done something to make you swell up like a distended heart valve?