Take Care

Bought to you by Garnier.

I will never forget my first foray into hair colouring. I was in Year 8 at High school and one of the “mean girls” patted me on the head. I was puzzled, but pleased to be getting some attention and some strange affection from her.

Little did I know that in her hand was some bleaching foam and after a few hours, I had a blonde patch on my dark brown hair, the size of a mandarin.

My complaints fell onto my mother’s deaf ears. She refused to let her then 14 year old daughter dye her hair, so over the next year or so, I grew, what can only be described as a halo.

Ah, mean girl. Where are you now?*  


I have had a complete blast working with the team at Garnier and they have been very understanding and patient as I point out all my physical flaws that could potentially be solved with their wide range of products. A range that can be tossed into your grocery cart while you are being tortured at the supermarket. SCORE!

Me laughing along with a couple of my favourites from the Garnier Range. Hilarious!

I have been entrenched in Garnier’s “Take Care” philosophy and have now sorted out my personal grooming down pat. I take a few minutes each morning and evening and dedicate it to ticking my list of things to do. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and the like. And the occasional plucking of a dark hair growing randomly from my face.

Why? It just makes me feel better…..

And speaking of hair, mine grows at an alarming rate. I will quite often invite my sister around for dinner and when she arrives, I will tell her that I will feed her…… if she whacks a box of Pure Chocolate through my tresses.

My colour of choice, and food of choice – PURE CHOCOLATE!
I hope you have learnt something about the Garnier Range through this series of posts, and perhaps started to think about taking a little time out to Take Care of yourself too. You can Like them on Facebook here, they are forever running great giveaways.

Garnier Nutrisse will be discounted to $11.99 at all Woolworths Supermarkets from Wednesday 5th September. 
What colour would you choose? Click here for the range.

* for those interested, that “mean girl” now lives in a big fancy house in Bellevue Hill and is married to an investment banker. I wish her well, and a steaming case of herpes.