What sort of idiot would put a photo of themselves on the internet wearing nothing but a towel?

Yeah, that would be me.

You see, I had to wash my hair last night as I am off to the hair-dressers to get de-skunked today. And it is a bit like cleaning for the cleaner. You don’t really want them to know just how bad you allow things to get between visits. And sweet lord, mine was bad. I mean, I am surprised that Gina Reinhardt had not been in touch to see whether I was interested in mining my head for oil.

My skunk stripe is particularly bad due to the fact that my beautiful hairdresser was scandalously and unceremoniously FIRED from her last salon for no reason and I could not find her! But thanks to the magic of the internet, all is right in the world again and she has opened her own business. Sweet!

when your hairdresser has good hair, you know you are onto a good thing

So farewell my silver highlights! I will not miss you, nor will I miss my kids pointing my “pretty silver hair” out to me.

How would you describe the current state of your tresses?
Tell me about YOUR hairdresser?