A Mental Health Day.

Someone woke up in the foulest mood this morning. He crawled into bed with me and fell back asleep.

Mr Woog left to go to Melbourne for the weekend.

I had a shit load of work to do today. I had to do a shit load of house work to do today, as well. Just for something different…..

I pulled the pin on the lot and together, me and my smallest are partaking in a Mental Health Day, which is soft pants on the couch in front of a movie. We will go for a wander later and partake in a little cafe lunch together. We shall snooze and cuddle and chat. And play Connect 4 a hundred times, which I hate but makes him so happy.

We will discuss his upcoming performance in the school talent quest and will roll a couple of chocolate chip cookies.

And not feel bad about it for a minute!

Everyone needs a mental health day every now and then I think.

 Do you ever prescribe a Mental Health Day?