Frieda and Robbie

Yesterday I was sitting on the beach when I looked up and took a snap of Mr Woog, the boat and a couple of locals…..

And I realised. I HAD SEEN THIS BEFORE! AT JABBA! This is the art in the back room of the cottage. It was synergies people.

We are packing up today and moving further up the coast for the weekend to celebrate a dear friends 40th. Throw a dozen families in a holiday park for the weekend and what do you get?

Completely fun chaos I suspect. And a fitting end to the school holidays. That cannot come quick enough if you ask me. I am not afraid to say it, but I am almost completely over it. We have been having very intense, quality, loud family time and I am ready to slide back into my mundane for a while. Did I mention the mundane will be silent?

If I play another game of Connect 4 I might go insane. Is it ok to encourage Jack’s imaginary friend Robbie to come on holidays?

Robbie is a most excellent house guest. He doesn’t talk back or leave skiddies in the loo.

I am going to conjure up myself an imaginary friend. Her name will be Frieda and she will excel in cocktail making. And eye-rolling.

Is it mean to admit that you are over the company of your offspring?