Meeting Julia Morris

Julia Morris is an Australian Comedienne that I have long admired. And I just knew that I ever got the chance to meet her, we would become lifelong best friends forever!

Last night, two of my non-imaginary best friends and I went and saw her stand up show No Judgement at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. The Divine Ms M and SawHole make it our mission to go and see female comediennes when they are in town, so we can catch up and collectively test out pelvic floors, which swing around like limp lettuce leaves at the best of times.

Now, we have all had a bit of a crush on her since we caught her show a few years ago, and we needed up updated fix. I entered a dedicated and fairly successful twitter bombing campaign to befriend Julia in the virtual sense. So when she contacted me to see whether I would like to come backstage and have a “woine”with her after the show, I quickly answered her in seven words.

“You bet your sweet ass I do!”

The show was a riot. Click here to see whether she is playing near you. If she is…… PLEASE GO! Take a mate and pack your Tena’s.

Anyway, after the show I discovered that it was not just to be me and her catching up over a beverage and braiding each other’s hair as we bitched about our husbands, but about 2 dozen of her actual friends who were lined up to get into the party. They all greeted her (assumed) husband Dan at the door with warm kisses and hugs. As Sawhole, the Divine Ms M and I got to the door, we did what you should always do in an awkward situation. 

“Oh my god! It is so great to see you…….. It has been ages!” I exclaimed as I planted one on him. He looked a bit confused until The Divine Ms M followed suit and continued the charade by also kissing the security guard standing next to him. The girl is an equal opportunity kisser. Makes her VERY popular at parties.

We swanned in, leaving a few very puzzled looking men standing there, wondering who the fuck we actually were. This is a lesson I am giving you for free. Kissing strangers WORKS!

And then I saw Julia. 

Yes, I have the look of a crazy-eyed fan. Great shot The Divine Ms M!

I knew I had to talk to her and tell her of my plan of how we will run off together and do a cooking course in Tuscany together as soon as her busy schedule will allow it.

She finished a social interaction with a friend when I pounced on her. “Stay Cool…… be cool….”

She embraced me in a warn hug before bestowing the honour upon The Divine Ms M and Sawhole as well. She told me that she was enjoying the adventures of Sonia Kluger before I asked her whether she really drove a pearl white Nissan Micra. She proudly told me she did, and it was parked just out the back. We talked about kids and silent Saturday Morning sex as well as how sometimes you accidentally buy a packet of biscuits from the servo and eat the lot. And how we thought she had toppled Kathy Griffin as the funniest standup we had ever seen.

After I felt that I had monopolised enough of her time, we bid farewell. But not before we got a photo together that is now my computer’s wallpaper.

Rocking the red eyed look……. MATCHING RED EYED LOOK!

And that is how I met Julia Morris. 

Have you ever come over all fan-girl ridiculous-like when you have met someone that you are pretty sure should be your soul mate in your deranged head?

Who was it?

What did you do?