Miserable Times Indeed!

You bet your sweet ass I do Ridge.

Miserable times here today at WoogsWorld. Miserable indeed. I woke up with a thousand little devils sticking hot pokers into my uterus with all the passion and gusto they could muster. Bastards. I complained to Mr Woog, and he told me that was natures way of letting me know that I was a woman. Bastard! 

It is rainy and cold and gloomy outside and I keep treading on snails, sometimes with bare feet, which is making me very emo indeed.

Harry could not find his shoes for the millionth time in as many days. I told him that I simply did not care what he wore to school. Paper bags on each foot tied up with a rubber band? That will do.

We were out of bread and milk this morning and that simple act, which normally I could not give a toss about, put me on the path of housewifery/motherly/domestic-slave feelings of inadequacy that could only be fixed with a Baker’s Delight Caramelised Onion Twist, washed down with a Naprogesic chaser.

Miserable times indeed!

Also, I am a bit anxious about the Media Watch show tonight. I was interviewed last week about Social Media and they have a special on it tonight (I think it is tonight) I might not be quoted at all (cross fingers) but I know that if I am, it will be about where I blabbed on and on and on about journalism and bloggers and bias.

And what I meant to say was that BLOGGERS are biased and journalists really are not supposed to be, but I was dead tired at the end of a long day and said it the other way around. 

As soon as I hung up, I thought “Oh Fuck….”

They say that Media Watch is a fantastic show, until you end up on it.

Thank GOD for people that make me smile. Like this…..

What advice would you give to a gal with a stabby uterus and a mild case of the blues?