Mrs Woog, what is a Vignette?

I will tell you this. It is not a venereal disease.

I first heard about vignetting from Sarah from A Beach Cottage and BabyMac, who would point out lovely things in New York and take photos of vignettes in shops. Since then, I have become a little obsessed. 

Click on their links to see how those chicks vignette.

I even did a TABLESCAPE at Mum’s place this weekend just gone. Danimezza was so impressed, she took a photo! Tablescape is a bit of a wanky word used to describe setting a table. I think. I read it somewhere. On a blog.

Who do I think I am?

So, as a community service for those who like to phaff about with their bits, I have asked blogger Tania Marie to share some tips about VIGNETTING!
First of all I think it will be helpful to define what a vignette is……

When I asked my hubby what he thought the secret to a successful vignette was he asked me……

“Why does Mrs Woog want to know how to make a salad dressing??”

Curiously, he’s heard of Mrs Woog but never heard of a vignette……

He didn’t realise there was a fancy French word for my obsessive rearranging. Lucky he looks good!

I consider a vignette to be an artful arrangement of disparate objects which is pleasing to the eye and creates a whole that is greater than the sum of it’s parts……and no, I didn’t google that.

1. What is the secret to a successful vignette?

The best visual arrangements are the ones which tell a story. I think a successful vignette should have a common theme running through it, an element which visually holds it together, whether it be the subject or the colour. 

A successful vignette would combine objects of varying heights, preferably in odd numbers, to create interest. A limited palette of no more than three colours gives cohesion to an otherwise mismatched set of objects and a variety of textures creates depth and visual appeal……

2. What, in your opinion, is a vignette no no?
For me, a big no no would be items which are too matchy matchy or too pristine.
I like to combine new with vintage objects, things with sentimental value which have been collected over time.

I believe a home should be a unique composition of things you love, put together in the best way you possibly can. It should say something about the person who lives there and a vignette is no different, only on a smaller scale. You should buy what you love and then make it work. 

It’s a bit like making a salad dressing really……start with the basic ingredients then season it with salt and pepper for added flavour. It’s always more interesting than the stuff you buy ready made……

3. What advice can you give to novice vignetters?

Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong. There are no mistakes……if you love it and it makes you happy, then it works.

You might not get it right first go. Personally, I like to warm up with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!

4. And finally, please share a favourite vignette from your site?
My favourite vignette always seems to be the last one I created……

This one is my current favourite……it’s where I sit and blog.
Thanks so much for having me Mrs Woog.
If anyone has a good idiot proof salad dressing you’d like to share with me I’d love to hear from you……


Do you like to fiddle with your bits?
Do you change things around?
And how do YOU make salad dressing?